Driver’s License Guide

DWI Arrest

So, you have been arrested for Driving While Intoxicated. After what is probably one of the worst experiences of your life, you are released from jail on bond. You are surprised when your driver’s license is not included in your belongings that are returned upon release. What happened? Where is your license? Are you safe to drive? What do I do now?

These are all questions that persons charged with DWI have. What happened is that the police confiscated your driver’s license after you were arrested and charged with DWI. Your license is in their possession, and will most likely be destroyed.

BUT: You are safe to drive! You must act quickly though if you want to fight your license suspension. A lawyer who practices DWI defense can help with this area. You can fight a license suspension after an arrest for DWI. You only have 15 days from the day you are arrested to request a hearing on the suspension of your license. If you miss this deadline your license will be suspended, for either 90 days if you consented to a breath or blood test and failed, or 180 days if you refused to give a breath or blood test. The suspension could be longer than that if you have been convicted of DWI or had a license suspension before.

You can visit any Texas Department of Public Safety office and request a “replacement” license. They will most likely not ask you any questions, and for a small fee they will mail you a new plastic license.

Just because someone is arrested for DWI does not mean their license is automatically suspended. There are ways to fight a license suspension, and James Fletcher has years of experience doing just this.

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