Can Driving While Intoxicated Get Your Felony Charges in Texas?

People know that they shouldn’t drive while intoxicated, but many people don’t realize that if they’re caught, they could face felony charges in Texas. If you’re caught driving while intoxicated in Texas, you could face the same. This means that you could spend time in prison and have a criminal record. Don’t take the risk. If […]

False Confessions and The Austin Yogurt Shop Murders

False confessions

When I first moved to Austin, Texas, I was introduced to the story of the Austin Yogurt Shop Murders. I had never heard of this event, but all the locals refer to it in a off-handed, almost casual sense when it comes up in conversation. You’ll hear things like “Oh yeah, that whole thing was […]

Travis County Pre-Trial Diversion: Is It Right For You?

Travis County pre-trial diversionsion

For some accused of both felonies and misdemeanors in Travis County there exists an option to resolve their case without a conviction and with a dismissal. This is what is known as the Travis County pre-trial diversion program. While it is a good option for some clients for others it is not. Some clients do […]

What to Look for When Choosing an Austin Criminal Lawyer

austin criminal lawyer

The number of active lawyers in the country has increased by 15.2% over the past decade. With so many lawyers available to make your case, you need to know how to find the one who can help. Otherwise, you might end up with a lawyer who loses your case, leaving you locked behind bars. Searching for an experienced Austin […]

How to Choose the Right Austin Attorney to Handle Your Criminal Case

austin attorney

Did you know that filing for criminal defendants in the U.S. rose 8% to 81,553? Are you currently looking to have an experienced attorney handle your criminal case? This article will pinpoint how exactly to choose the right Austin attorney. Read on to discover these key points and what exactly to look for to make sure you’re […]

It can happen to anyone (part II)! Well, here we go again. Another Law Enforcement Officer arrested and charged with DWI, this time out of Montgomery County. At least the Defendant in this case was off-duty at the time of his arrest. Expect a letter of resignation or an official termination to come soon if indeed Deputy Flynn is convicted of […]

It can happen to anyone! People sometimes ask me why I do what I do, why I practice the type of law I do, and why I represent the people that I do. “How can you defend people who are arrested for DWI?” I get that question a lot. Family members, friends, fellow attorneys. In short, the answer is […]

DWI and Drugs – What you need to know

weed dui

People ask me all the time whether it’s possible to be charged with a DWI if you have not been drinking. The short answer is YES!! You can still be arrested, charged, and prosecuted for DWI even if there is not a drop of alcohol in your system. Texas law allows for a person to […]

When is “consent” not “CONSENT”?

underage drinking and driving

What do you do when the Police say you consented to something, but you do not remember doing so or expressly remember not giving consent? How does someone fight what the police are calling “consent” in a criminal case? This situation happened recently with one of our firm’s clients. “Jake” was arrested by the Harris […]

Guide to new Houston marijuana enforcement

News release (February 16, 2017): Newly elected Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg announces her office’s radical approach to enforcing low-level marijuana possession laws: Cite and release! This new policy has basically de-criminalized marijuana in the 4th largest city in the United States. Basically, what the new enforcement policy means is: If you are stopped […]