4 Things to Know About DUI Bail in Austin, Texas


Did you know that approximately 1.5 million Americans face a DWI arrest each year?

Getting charged with a DUI is a serious situation that can have lasting consequences if it’s not handled correctly. Your first priority is to get out of custody and build a solid defense – that’s where DUI bail comes into play.

In we’ll explain the ins and outs of Texas DUI laws, and where you stand when it comes to bail.

Read on to learn more about DUI bail in Texas.

1. What Is DUI Bail?

Bail is a fee you must pay to be released from custody after you’ve been charged with a crime. It acts as a kind of ‘deposit’, guaranteeing the accused party’s presence in court. Your bail is returned to you by the state.

In DUI cases, receiving bail gives you the chance you need to look at your situation with some clarity, consult with a quality legal team, and get your affairs in order if necessary.

If you’re awaiting a DUI trial, it’s important to prepare a solid defense. Bail gives you a chance to do that from the comfort of home, rather than in a jail cell.

2. How To Get DUI Bail

When it comes to getting bail for your Texas DUI case, there are two main routes to consider. Let’s take a look:

Cash Bail

Anywhere in Texas, a person can be released from custody by posting the full bond sum in cash. No matter how the lawsuit turns out, the money is refunded at the end, less administrative costs.

Bail Bondsmen

A bail bond agency is a business that covers your bail. Banks and other lending institutions extremely infrequently (if ever) offer money for bail, but bail bond companies are in the business of accepting this specific risk and duty to aid the accused.

Typically, the accused’s friends and relatives will work with a bail bondsman to get the defendant’s release.

3. How Much Does Bail Cost In Texas?

In Texas, the majority of bond providers charge 10% of the total bond sum. This is a commercial practice that is not mandated by law. In the end, bond businesses are free to set their own prices.

Most first-time DWI offenders’ bail bonds cost in the hundreds or low thousands. Judges ultimately have complete discretion and are free to take into account all pertinent criteria when determining the amount.

The bond for a repeat DWI offense typically starts at roughly $10,000 but can be substantially more based on the incident’s specifics and the interval between prior convictions.

Texas DUI Bail: Act Now

Securing DUI bail and getting the justice you deserve in your DUI case isn’t always easy. That’s why it’s so important to onboard a great legal team as soon as possible.

Here at Deandra Grant Law, we specialize in Texas DUI charges. We’ve got the knowledge and experience to defend your justice and get the outcome you deserve.

Contact us today to arrange a consultation.

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